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Ahmad Hasan

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Hello Everybody , 


actually i have implementation on three SDX boxes , two of them on HQ and the other on DR and create instance on each SDX , and I'm looking to configure three instances into a cluster  , i go through a lot of documents , and each of them have a different points of others , 

my question , should the mgmt ip of VPX on the same subnet , and my DR site have different subnet , and the VLAN on HQ was not installed on DR  ? 

cause one i have configure cluster which is same subnet of HQ and they went down the cluster IP wasn't not accessible .

but  i can login to the VPX on DR through NSIP of VPX not CLIP . 


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I didn't get your problem in full.


Usually, Cluster IP and NSIPs are on the same subnet. It's not recommended to span a cluster over several data centres, and I would not know how routing would work in an environment like that, as IPs are striped over all these boxes, so you need the same subnet on both of these sites.


I, personally, don't like and use clusters. There are other ways to do get more throughput and at the same time more stability than a cluster could offer. The most popular is, a TCP-load balancer in front of all these ADCs, and the ADCs doing all the SSL offloading, L7 load-balancing, responding, rewriting and application firewalling.




Johannes Norz


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