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FSLogix and Teams Web app in Citrix environment

nicholas bartzis


According to Microsoft For a non-persistent setup, the Teams desktop app must be installed per-machine https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-for-vdi#install-or-update-the-teams-desktop-app-on-vdi

a caching solution is required such as FSLogix.


this applies for the desktop app on eg: citrix environment. what would be the case if I use the same environment (citrix with thin clients) but use Teams web app in the browser. will the FSLogix be required in this case? I cannot find any documentation available for this.


thank you 

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no, you would indeed not need FSLogix when using the web-based version. It's a viable workaround to still use the application in a non-persistent environment. For instance I have people using a Citrix published desktop with Teams in a web browser in combination with Citrix UPM to handle the profile. You do need a good user profile solution ofc in order to save your changes since those changes will go into the browser part of the user profile.

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I don't have much experience with the web based Teams. However I am pretty sure you will be able to use it with whatever profile technology out there. The reason why FSLogix is recommended for the full Teams app, is because of the amount of Teams data potentially cached in the user's profile, the web based Teams does not cache much if anything in the user's profile.

There a plenty of other reasons why you should look at FSLogix though ;)

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