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Performance Issues LTSR 1912

Thomas Niedermeier


We upgraded from LTSR 7.15 to LTSR 1912 two weeks ago. We see now two problems:


  • (1) randomly sessions of users freezes completely, in the Citrix Studio the session is connected, we have to manually disconnect, users can then reconnect. Sometimes the sessions only freezes for seconds and than start working again with all the cached keyboard input.
  • (2) Some VPN users, always the same, cannot connect to the farm from their home office. The session starts and stays with a grey screen. After about two minutes, they get an error, that the ressource is not available. In the log of the VDA we see a warning 1019 TdIca "... port 2598 received an invalid packet during its SSL handshake phase".  We tried old and new workspace versions.
    If they start the session without VPN through the VPX-Gateway and then start VPN, they can go on with work.
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