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citrix connection established negotiating capabilities network in one office, 7.x

Jan Rocek




we have set new Citrix 7 VDA pool running on Windows server 2019. Storefronts are set, netscaler set, for profiles we are using FSLogix. 

Users can open successfully apps from internet or trusted network in any office all around the globe except one particular office where we have 20 ppl.

They can connect to Storefront, but when they are opening any app they will receive "black window" or they stuck at "connection established negotiating capabilities network".

It has to be something with network, but I am really lost there. As my account which is usually working well had the same problem as users when I was connecting from one of their laptops. And computers are all corporate standard - with same configuration as in any other office.


I would appreciate any idea even how to start troubleshooting this issue.


Thank you,


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the MTU values in the VDA master image or on any of the network components involved in the entire network chain from Citrix client device running the workspace app all the way on to the actual VDA server (switches and routers in between included) is very notorious for causing this. If all are set at 1500 you can rule this one out. As soon as 1 in the chain is higher that is enough to cause this. It would typically a component related to THAT office ofc. Start there


From there on it's tracing and troubleshooting

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