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Hypervisor and RHEL 8.x / Centos 8.1 Guests

Goumltz Reinicke



I was wandering, if there is any feedback on using RHEL 8.x / Centos 8.1 Guests on the current LTS 7.1 Hypervisor? I installed a small plain test Guest, which looked good on the first short view.

Will there be a template update for the LTS 7.1 or do we have to wait for the next major LTS? 


BTW are there any release plans for the next LTS?


Thx and regards . Götz

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The current LTSR is unlikely to be modified to support newer OS release; you'll likely need to switch to 8.X for support. As to when, good question. Seems like it should be about time for a new LTSR, but we'll have to wait for Citrix to come out with an official announcement. You could upgrade to CH 8.1 and wait to see when the next LTSR arrives and upgrade then. 8.1 should be supported for quite some time still, and I would think long enough to overlap with the next LTSR.



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No, installer works fine.  When you set the gui to start as default and reboot it goes to the centos 8.1 wallpaper but no login option.  You can't switch to a different terminal screen.  Basically the xencenter gui doesn't display the centos 8.1 screen.  Moving it to my VMWare cluster for testing.

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