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Error message "Cannot start Desktop" when published desktop is launched.

Varunn Raju

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When a published Desktop is launched, i get an error "Cannot start Desktop".


Storefront - 3.12

XenApp - 7.15


On the same store, I have another 6.5 farm added and the application launched fines.


Error messages on Storefront event logs.


Failed to launch the resource 'Desktop Name' using the Citrix XML Service at address 'http://xxxx:8080/scripts/wpnbr.dll'. The XML service returned error: 'unspecified'.


All the Citrix XML Services configured for farm <Citrix farm> failed to respond to this XML Service transaction.


The Citrix servers reported an unspecified error from the XML Service at address http://xxxx:8080/scripts/wpnbr.dll [NFuseProtocol.TRequestAddress].



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