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StoreFront Website Shortcut Link Redirection

Sam Fessler

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I have set up StoreFront with domain pass through in an enterprise environment. The goal is to launch legacy desktop applications from our website homepage. 


Is it possible to launch an app using Website Shortcuts / links without switching the user to a new StoreFront tab? Our requirements are that the user never be redirected away from our home page, so even opening in a background tab would work. I have seen no Citrix documentation on this anywhere so any help would be wonderful!


Thanks -Sam

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I am currently using Website Shortcuts, the problem is this section of the documentation-



Users click on a link and are redirected to the Receiver for Web site, where they log on if they have not already done so. The Citrix Receiver for Web site automatically starts the resource. In the case of applications, users are also subscribed to the application if they have not subscribed previously


My requirements are that the user not be redirected away from our website. 


Is there any configuration that allows for authentication to happen in the background instead of forcing the user to be redirected to a new tab?




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My workaround is to use the Self-Service Plug-in to create a command line launch script. I then used that script to create a custom URI registry key so that when a link is clicked it directly launches the associated app, without being redirected to the storefront launch screen. 


The bottom line is the command line script using an example launch-string found in the article I linked above.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"URL Protocol"="\"\""
@="\"URL:Test Protocol\""




@="cmd /k call \"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Citrix\\ICA Client\\SelfServicePlugin\\SelfService.exe\" -launch -s store-63501976 -CitrixID \"store-63501976@@Farm1.Test\" -ica https://Servername/Citrix/Store/resources/v2/RmFybTEuREcgVGVzdCBTY2htaXRCRTMi0z/launch/ica -cmdline & exit /B"




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