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Remote PC \ Physical Console Black

Trey Wessel


I've install the VDA core components (1912) for remote pc access on a device with 3 monitors. When I connect remotely everything works fine except the physical PC screen goes black and stays black until I press control alt delete. Then the monitors start showing the desktop. Not sure if this is normal behavior or not.



I've read some of Carl's articles about changing certain remote pc settings but is there a way ensure the screen stays on and doesn't go black? I believe most users wouldn't be able to figure it out.


Any thoughts? I'd love for the physical monitors to stay up and show the lock screen if possible. 

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I think this is normal.

We use RemotePC with machines without any monitor connected. In the past we had a lot of graphic bugs locally on the client which have a monitor connected by display port.

I guess when you connect to the physical machine via RemotePC the graphic card will block the output locally and will switch the output to the virtual adapter.

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