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AWS - Citrix ADC 13.0 47.24nc -DNS nameserver issue

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Hi guys

Has anybody had any issue configuring the DNS name server on the ADC when hosted on the AWS platform?

I am currently having an issue when configuring the DNS Name server. The effective state is always down. My DNS local server pings successfully and telnet to port 53 is also successful. I have 3 subnets and 3 ENI's attached to the VPX. I am using Route 53 to host the zone for my domain and name resolution is working as expected. I have checked the file on the netscaler, etc/resolv.conf which has 2 ips and i have modified this file with my local DNS server IP in place of the AWS IP configured by default. When i carry out a dig.mydomain.local this responds with my dns details with no issues and i can also retrieve my local dns server details when i execute 'show nameserver' Everything seems to work except the configuration of the DNS nameserver on the ADC.

I have also tried creating a custom DNS monitor with my domain name and increased response time binding to a service but that also remains down

If i browse to the url externally then i am challenged with an http 1.1 error which again relates back to the DNS issue i am already aware of. I will try to change the DHCP options set out of hours but any help would be appreciated. I understand that there is a similar scenario faced in Azure so would be interested in any comments on this DNS topic.


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