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set nocache on vip

Lasse Prenting

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I have set global cache on but don't want it to cache on some VIP's.


sh cache parameter
        Integrated cache global configuration:
        Memory usage limit: 600 MBytes
        Memory usage limit (active value): 600 MBytes
        Maximum value for Memory usage limit: 1236 MBytes
        Via header: ADC-CACHE-GLOBAL
        Verify cached object using: HOSTNAME_AND_IP
        Max POST body size to accumulate: 4096 bytes
        Current outstanding prefetches: 0
        Max outstanding prefetches: 4294967295
        Treat NOCACHE policies as BYPASS policies: YES
        Sync cache objects to Secondary: NO
        Global Undef Action: NOCACHE


So I have created a policy, policyaLabel and a contentGroup


sh cache policy ADC_NoCache
        Name: ADC_NoCache
        Rule: true
        CacheAction: NOCACHE
        Stored in group: ADC_NoCache_ContentGroup
        UndefAction: Use Global
        Hits: 21086
        Undef Hits: 0

        Policy is bound to following POLICY LABELS
1)      Bound to: cache_req_pol_ADC_NoCache
        Priority: 100
        GotoPriorityExpression: END

sh cache policylabel cache_req_pol_ADC_NoCache
        Label Name: cache_req_pol_ADC_NoCache
        Evaluates: REQ
        Number of bound policies: 1
        Number of times invoked: 0

1)      Policy Name: ADC_NoCache
        Priority: 100
        GotoPriorityExpression: END
        Global bindpoint: None

sh cache contentGroup ADC_NoCache_ContentGroup
        Name: ADC_NoCache_ContentGroup
        Type: HTTP
        Heuristic expiry time parameter: OFF
        Weak relative expiry time - Positive responses: 0 secs
        Hit parameters: NONE
        Invalidation Parameters: NONE
        Poll Every Time: NO
        Ignore reload request: YES
        Remove Response Cookies: YES
        Prefetch: YES
        Prefetch period: heuristic
        Flashcache: NO
        Expire at last byte: NO
        Insert Via header: YES
        Insert Age header: YES
        Insert ETag header: YES
        Cache-control header: NONE
        Quick abort size: 0 KBytes
        Minimum Response Size: 0 KBytes
        Maximum Response Size: 0 KBytes
        Memory usage (w/o overhead): 0 Bytes
        Memory usage limit (w/o overhead): 0 MBytes
        Ignore caching headers in request: YES
        Non-304 hits: 0
        304 hits: 0
        Cached objects: 0
        Number of times expired/flushed: 1
        MinHits configured: 0
        Always evaluate policies: NO
        Persist To Secondary: NO
        Pinned: NO
        Number of marker cells: 0
        Lazy DNS resolution: YES
        Invalidation policies: NONE
        Cacheability policies: ADC_NoCache


Then I have bind that contentGroup to the VIP's I don't want caching on.

Is this the correct way and is the settings correct for not caching on a VIP`?

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