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OnlyUsername schema, pass through username to AzureAD

Robert Cook

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When using the login schema OnlyUsername.xml, can I pass the username to the AzureAD login page so the user does not have to enter it twice?  Currently user has to type email address on NetScaler, click Logon.  Then email address on AzureAD, click Next.  Then password on AzureAD, click Sign in.


For ADFS users it redirects to the login screen and they have to type email address and password.


Some background - Current setup is that AD syncs to multiple AzureAD tenants all federated to ADFS.  Looking to remove federation from some of these tenants so they can signin with AzureAD making use of its features like conditional access.  I have configured  the following authentication policy expressions to achieve this:




AAA.LOGIN.USERNAME.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).AFTER_STR("@").CONTAINS(".")  - falls back to ADFS if any other domain entered.  


Can I pass through the username, ideally straight to the password screen for AzureAD bypassing home realm discovery.



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