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TACACS error messages - Access to MGMT for VPX

Brad Ordner

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We have our virtual and physical Netscalers using our ISE box as TACACS. The configuration is the same across all devices and working except for four boxes in our Cloud Environment. 


The cloud environment was not working on previous code and now I have updated to NS12.1 55.18.nc and started to use the Advanced Policies. The problem is, I don't get that far. When I enter the TACACS server with the same details as all my other NSs and test the connection I get - 


Server '10.x.x.x' is reachable. port '49/tcp' is open. '10.x.x.x' is reachable but unexpected response received from TACACS server check the TACACS server configuration.


The configuration in ISE, is exactly the same as all the other Netscalers, as I copied a working host. 


I will probably have to log a ticket, but is there any location to more detailed logs or debugs for TACACS on the NS?





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I would say, it's obvious, you can reach this TACACS server. But there is something wrong about the reply. This might be due to not supported IP addresses (so the TACACS server not willing to communicate and sending some kind of f... you back to the ADC).


I would suggest doing a network trace for both, the working and the failing ADCs and see, if there is any difference.





johannes Norz, CTA


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I checked my firewall and found that the IP of my Netscaler, my NSIP was not being used. Instead it is cycling between two SNIPs assigned as the source IP of the TACACS traffic. 


This is a virtual machine in Azure, is there anyway to set the TACACS source IP? 



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