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Fix for WAP (ADFS) published with Content Switch on the Citrix Gateway?


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Hi guys,


Begining with Netscaler VPX 12.1 53.12, Microsoft WAP (ADFS for Office 365 proxy) published with a CS (Content Switch) on the Citrix Gateway throws an error with "0 hits" on the policy: 


Matching policy not found while trying to process Assertion; Please contact your administrator


If I roll back to 12.1 52.15, the error goes away. Every version since up to the latest 13.0 47.24 is throwing the same error. 


If I move the CS policy to a vServer (where WAP the service will work again), I can't publish a CS policy for XenApp/XenDesktop to redirect to the Gateway because that feature is only availbe for premium/enterprise versions of VPX. I only have 1 public IP to work with several services behind the Netscaler (XenApp, ADFS, Web).


Is this bug on the radar? It was noted by Julian Mooren several months ago: https://twitter.com/citrixguyblog/status/1222457770382938112


Is there a workaround?




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