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Application error VPE-dll could not load

Christian Beentje1709160578


Dear All,


I hope you dear Citrix members can help me out with a weird problem I get an error with an application after I finished the layer and create/publish a new test image (MCS).

We are using a ERP software package called Avecs, it is an old program but it can run under Windows 10/2016.


So what I did, I created a new app layer and installed it with the local administrator account. When I start the application no errors occur and the program is running fine.
I finalized the layer and created a test image to see if the program still running as expected under a virtual desktop. With Citrix WEM I created a new application and did all the steps after that to assign it to a user group. So far so good.


So I logon to our test desktop and start the program Avecs, error message "Could not load VPE-DLL!" Then the program starts, but when I tried to open every module of the program this message popup.

I did some research and figured out that under the local administrator account there is folder named c:\users\Administrator\Windows. This directory Windows contains the missing dll files. When I logon with my own domain account to the desktop and take a look at the VDA there is no directory Windows with the files, so the error message is displayed. 

My question is, is there a way to get these files loaded in the user profile so the program will work without errors?


App layering appliance version:

VDA 1906.2

WEM 1909.1.0.1


Windows directory.JPG

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