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Windows SSO problem when launch App/Desktop after SAML integration with Centrify

Alex Tsang

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Hi guys


I have setup Citrix Virtual App and Desktop service, and then deploy Citrix Gateway and Storefront on-perm, and then all users will login via the Citrix gateway with LDAP login to get the application and desktop without any problem.


Then we changed the authentication to SAML; Netscaler as SP and Centrify as IdP.  SAML login seems working properly; We can see the apps/desktop published after login, but when I click the app, it shows the windows login prompt and ask me to login again. If I login, I can see the application.


When I check the eventlog in Storefront, I found the below  error


No available resource found for user domain\user when accessing desktop group Calculator. This message was reported from the Citrix XML Service at address https://cloudconnector.abc.local/scripts/wpnbr.dll [NFuseProtocol.TRequestAddress]. 


Failed to launch the resource 'ABC Cloud Connectors.Calculator' using the Citrix XML Service at address 'https://cloudconnector.abc.local/scripts/wpnbr.dll'. The XML service returned error: 'no-available-workstation'.


Anyone as the same experience? and how to solve?


Best regards


Best regards


Alex Tsang

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When you use SAML authentication, you need to set up FAS as well, as the Citrix Gateway and StoreFront don't have access to the user's login and password, which results in the behaviour you are seeing.

Carl Stalhood has a great guide on this, see:


Also you make sure you only tick Pass-through from NetScaler Gateway in Authentication Methods on the StoreFront store configuration.





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