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citrix director showing failures for Server OS

Alex Heng


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Not your exact problem...

The error for settings creation failure is mentioned here:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX218377

Though in this article the error is part of a VDA unregistration event instead of  a Max Load category.  

Though there is a max load: send settings failure.  (Maybe the message wording changed over versions).  Sorry, there's not much more concrete to go on.


I would check the event log on the affected VDA first (Application events, for Citrix Desktop Service) and see if you have specific errors that might pinpoint the issue.

VDA being at max load, means the broker won't attempt to send new sessions to it.  Server  VDA might be at max load, but have too little free memory to have an existing session spin up new tasks or attempt a session sharing launch, which might result in a session launch failure.


But some of these issues sometimes are a problem with the Broker and not the VDA. So also check your Controller(s) event viewer. Application events for the Citrix Broker service (and other services) first to see if there are any other issues in effect.


You might also want to to retrieve the load calculation for the VDA(s) and confirm which rules it is based on the default settings or custom thresholds for users/cpu/mem and the default logon throttling rule.


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