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General accessability of anything on cloud.com

John Long1709161081


More recently I have had severe problems staying logged into cloud.com. I am constantly automatically logged out and cannot log back in unless I close all browsers and access it again. If I shutdown my computer and come in the next day and login to cloud.com I immediately see the message you have been signed out. Then I have to close all browser windows otherwise I will either get a blank page for minutes before it times out with various errors or I will see a spinning circle forever. I also get stuck in a redirect loop, get constant errors about not being able to load or Oops, something went wrong. Sometimes I have to try 3 or more times to login before I can access the console. Then sometimes I will be in the middle of working and just get kicked out back to the login screen, then get stuck in all the errors, loops and spinning circles all over again.


Surely I can't be the only one right? Clearing browser cache doesn't help and using internet explorer does the same thing. I've opened a case but am wondering if anyone else has this happen.


It's gotten 10 times worse in the last week or so.







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I figured out the problem. Our DNS servers were setup with forwarders to quad9, I'm guessing they were introducing some strange filtering and responses and/or causing high latency in responses which was causing these problems. I removed the forwarders and am now using the root servers and everything is fine. This probably isn't something anyone else will experience but thought I would share.

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Yes, there is another administrator here and he does have problems from time to time. He's not in it as much as I am though. I was also talking to a citrix support person about something I had a ticket open on and it did this while he was remoted into my computer and he said he sees this sometimes. So that leads me to believe this isn't isolated. This has been happening for about as long as I've been using the citrix cloud, about 6 months for me. It just seems to be worse the last week or so.

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