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VMware Memory Optimizations with VDI

Randy Mysliwiec1709160374


I came across this article the other day and wanted to get some input on whether or not members of the community have enabled Inter-VM TPS and disabled large pages in their environment.



The Windows 10 VDI environment I run is heavily memory over committed with significant ballooning to manage it. Host memory is ~98% consumed with ~40% active.  CPU is <50% utilized.  The user experience is good so I have not worried too much about it.  However, I need to begin on-boarding a significant amount of users and I am concerned about the memory requirements.  I did a test with enabling Inter-VM TPS and disabling large memory pages and observed ~30% decease in memory consumption and no ballooning.  I did not observe any impact to the user experience and negligible impact to CPU usage.  It seems like TPS would be a much better solution than ballooning as ballooning is still stealing from one VM to feed another whereas TPS is sharing.   I understand the security implications on enabling Inter-VM TPS but understand it as an almost academic exploit and not likely to be able to be exploitable in the real-world. 


I'd enjoy hearing your comments on this topic.  




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