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SSL Failures

Roy Smith

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We have several Content Switch Servers publishing several URLs, mostly on SSL now but some on HTTP still. They all point to LB vservers at the backend. There is a mix of SSL and SSL offloading to the LBVS. We also have 3 authentication servers and Citrix Gateway set up, all over HTTPS. All of this works fine, except for occassional instances, where the SSL connections do not work. So, when a user browses to the HTTPS url, they get the message "This page can't be displayed. Turn on TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2. in Advanced Settings And Try Connecting Again" in IE and similar in Chrome. A reboot of both VPX members resolves this. 


We have a VPX cluster, now running but the issue has occurred previously on different versions. This does not happen all that frequently (once every few months). Just wondering if anyone has come across this before? If so, did they fix it and if not, what can I look at to troubleshoot it?



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We got this resolved after raising a call with support and discovering this was due to a memory leak. They recommended upgrading to v. which included a fix for the memroy leak and since then sites have been performing fine.


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