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Creating vDisk creates duplicate drives

John Francis1709160537


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It appears in some other posts you may have mixed MCS and PVS technologies.

MCS and PVS are seperate technologies and used seperately to create different type of virtual machines.


Anyway from PVS perspective, to create target devices for use by PVS the following documentation covers using the PVS Console Wizard:

This wizard (by default) will create the cache drive for the target device, and will discard any locally attached drives on the template VM.
This is the most common way of creating targets which will be VDAs in an XD/CVAD environment.

If using the streamed VM setup wizard, usually templates are confiured with blank local disk, with a single partition formatted with NTFS.
Targets created this way would need to be imported via CVAD/XD studio console.


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10 minutes ago, Kelan Rowe said:

This is expected beahviour, the vdisk appears as another disk, and the contents of the source disk and duplicated into the vdisk.
When imaging wizard is running/in progress best ot not do anything on the OS, and let imaging wizard complete its task.


After imaging is completed, it shows all these drives. So, if I am going to take a template of this, and when users access their VMs they see these drives and drive letters. It has got H drive and G drive etc... H drive is the home directory and G has another folder to which it is mapping, so how can I get rid of these? I tried deleting after the image completed but then it would not boot.

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2 hours ago, Kelan Rowe said:

What is seen is the vdisk contents and the original local hard drive contents.
Regular targets would not have the same local drive with the orignial files.


After I install the TD and boot through the network and through Vdisk, it still shows those drives are there. This is the screenshot from the spun up VMs through template. I never had this issue before just now. I am using Target Device 7.15.4000 LTRS and VDA 1912 (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 1912 LTSR All Editions). Could this be the reason?



Multiple Drives.JPG

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