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Token signing certificate disappears after ADC reboot.

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On rebooting our ADC the token signing certificate disappears, and with it authentication profiles, policies and servers (we exclusively use ADFS as authentication mechanism). This happens on both 12.1 and 13.0. As you can imagine it is rather annoying having to rebuild a lot of the configuration after a reboot. The signing certificate was added through cli and shows up in the Unknown Certificates list. The certificate is present in /nsconfig/ssl - unfortunately I didn't check if it was gone from there after the last reboot.


Any ideas about the cause of this issue?


We use the Hyper-V VPX (on clustered Hyper-V 2012R2), release 13.0 47.24.

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I thought I'd updated this one with the answer, but it seems I'm mistaken.

Root cause: don't add certificates from /tmp. They're gone after a reboot, which should be no surprise. Surprising, to a windows admin at least, is the OS doesn't put them somewhere safe when you add them and creates all the links from there. So all dependant configs are invalid after a reboot.

TLDR: install certificates from nsconfig/ssl.

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