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Services missing on storefront post upgrade to ADC version

Sreejesh Padmini

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Product - Citrix ADC(NetScaler)

Platform - MPX 8900

Firmware version -


We encountered a strange issue while upgrading ADC's in our production environment from to The ADC's are in Active-Passive High Availability state. The upgrade process was smooth, the secondary node(which was upgraded and rebooted) came up within 10 minutes after reboot. We did a failover as well, where the upgraded device became primary.
Post upgrade, we faced two issues:

1. The service group for Delivery controllers using CITRIX-XD-DDC service monitor went down with error "SSL handshake failed". On recommendation of Citrix engineer, we used a TCP monitor instead of CITRIX-XD-DDC one and the services came up.
2. The users were unable to see the desktops/applications hosted in XenDesktop environment load balanced by this ADC on their storefronts. This scenario persisted even after the TCP monitor was used as described above.


Citrix is currently working on this. Have anyone came across similar issues while upgrading to 

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