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Shortcut Replacement in Application Server

Mohamed Asharf


I am managing the Application server for our Citrix Applications, recenlty we had an update in our application so i have updated in the server.

Now if i click the application icon in citrix farm as a user it is not running.

Then i checked the shortcut which we have given for publishing to our IS team and realised that after update the shortcut is also changed (as the application files are changed from Programfiles(x86) to Programfiles).

Then i tried a workaround like created a similar folder in old location (programfilesx86) and placed the new shortcut there with same name, then i tried to run the application from citrix farm it is not running (I expected that it will hit the manually created new shortcut from old location).

Is there any way to run the updated application with old publoished shortcut??

Citix Error 2020-02-19_112715.jpg

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