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does storefront 7.15 work with xenapp 1912 ltsr

Klaus Winnerlein


we have upgraded vdas and Delivery Controllers from 7.15 to 1912 ltsr.

Now the storefronts, which are still on 7.15 (because they are managed by another company) cannot contact the upgrade delivery controllers, we see in eventlog of the storefronts:


"none of the citrix xml services... are on the list of active services. No service was contacted."


As I think it is not necessary to upgrade the storefront, they shult work with the upgraded delivery contollers. So the error must have another reason. 

But what can be the reason?

Thank for your help!

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Actually, the StoreFront servers should be upgraded before upgrading the Delivery Controllers, have a look here:


It is always best to have the backend components (StoreFront, Delivery Controllers, Director, License Server, ...) on the same version.

The VDA is the only exception, as it can be different and is backwards compatible with newer/older versions of the backend components, as long as you don't upgrade the machine catalogs and delivery groups to a newer version than the VDA version.





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Hi Koenraad,


thanks for your comment. 
Meanwhile we have solved the problem. The reason was a blocking firewall between storefront and delivery controller, which unfortunately was updaded on the same time as we did the XenApp-Update.


But what we can summarize: 
storefront 7.15 works with xenapp 1912 ltsr. In addition we got the information from Citrix support, that this constellation is supported, even though not recommended.


Kind regards,


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Hi Klaus,


Can you tell me where the official statement is from Citrix that Storefront 7.15 is supported with XA 1912 LTSR ?


I am asking, because we are in process of upgrading to XA 1912 LTSR. But the new Storefront Design of 1912 does not work in our favour as we require the folder views. Therefore, we would rather prefer to stay with Storefront 7.15.


I have been in contact with Citrix regarding the same question. Unfortunately, i was told that only Storefront 1912 is supported with XA 1912 LTSR and got referred to the folloing link:




Thanks and regards,



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