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Citrix Workspaces App still using Internet Explorer objects / components

Ehren Schlueter


I was in the process of troubleshooting a new SAML implementation and found that Citrix Workspaces still leverages Internet Explorer components to preform SAML requests. Internet Explorer has many downsides because it isn't a modern browser and I think Citrix Workspace could benefit by upgrading to something much newer like Microsoft Edge (Chrome), Google Chrome, Chromium, etc. This would also give the ability to add more to the Citrix Workspaces app in the future in the way of HTML5 coding on the Gateway or Storefront sites too.


Another downside is that if your company / organization is heavily using Citrix Workspaces App your company would need to switch to the web browser to access hosted apps and desktops if you remove Internet Explorer from the Windows Image.


You might see 400 Bad SAML requests too; which could be caused by Internet Explorer's maximum URL length.


Microsoft does not have any plans to remove Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10.


Why Replace Internet Explorer with something else:




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