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PVS vdisk replication issue

Yair Biton 2


HI All, 

New Deployment 1912 -CVAD+PVS


2 PVS - both of them have the same local path to vdisk (p:\Store\VDISK)

I've built a new VDISK - and put it on PVS1 store, all Target Devices  boot from it fine - 

copy the VDISK from PVS1's store to PVS'2 store, Set the load balancing from the VDISK - and Target Devices cant boot from PVS2 

  • in the PVS2 console (in vdisk store + VDISK Pool) - Size -No Server (PVS1 show it fine)
  • When the TD is boot it asked for the vDISK from PVS2 and an error received on the PXE vDisk file access permission denied" 


Both VDISK's stores have the same permissions for Network Service that running the Stream Service 


Any Idea ? 

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15 hours ago, Kelan Rowe said:

This is a usually a permission issue, maybe when the file was copied in, it didnt inherit the store default permissions.

Add everyone with full permissions on the store folder permissions temporariily, and apply to all objects, and this error will be gone.

Thank You, i've set Network Service permission to the store folder and the i the "No Server" change to image size correct and the load balancing worked


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