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Profile management Logon speed

Marko Tomic1709160655




We have 2012 R2 VDA on 1912 version.

We are planning to deploy VDAs on Daily Reboots in non persistent state (Local profiles removed on reboot)


I am in the process of setting up profiles and as we want to have daily reboots, optimize the profiles and use settings that will allow fastest logons as possible.

Our users login, disconnect the sessions through out the day


What setting do you generally recommend considering VDAs server and non persistents? I set the  Profile Streaming, Always cache , write back



I have attached the copy of the settings


UPMSettings - Copy.ini

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I would personally recommend using FSLogix as your profile solution. You will then not be dependent of the size of the profile regarding the logon speed. In fact, you can have as big as profile you want without affecting the logon-time. This is particular interesting if you would like to offer applications such as Microsoft Teams or OneDrive etc. 


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