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Unexplained SR usage - where did my disk space go ?

Jeacuterocircme HAGUET



I have a server with Xenserver 7.1CU2 +all available updates installed (and recently rebooted) 


I have a local storage with following params : 


      virtual-allocation ( RO): 2804206796800 (~2.8 TB)
    physical-utilisation ( RO): 5107752108032 (~5.1 TB)
           physical-size ( RO): 5399163961344 (~5.3 TB)

Virtual allocation number is correct for me.

But why is physical utilization so high ? 

I have checked several times, and then is no orphan VDI.


The only thing I can add is that I have been moving several VMs from/to the server recently.


Any hints, any link that can help me to clarify this ? 


Thank you in advance.

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