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EPA Fails On Firewall Authentic Being True for Windows Firewall


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EPA Fails On Firewall Authentic Being True for Windows Firewall. Any ideas as to why? When I have SEP installed, it passed its firewall for being authentic.


Here's the log entry:

13:19:48.598 Successfully parsed tokens
13:19:48.629 Opswat lib init is successful
13:19:48.743 Found a product with product Name : Windows Firewall [ID : 283], vendor Name : Microsoft Corporation [ID : 90] which met scan criteria
13:19:48.743 Found 1 product(s) which met the scan criteria
13:19:48.743 Boolean compare failed.  Value false operator ==
13:19:48.743 Lang ID: en 

13:19:48.743 Scan 'FIREWALL_0_0_AUTHENTIC_==_TRUE_ENABLED_==_TRUE' failed for method 'AUTHENTIC'

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Hi Mandouh,


Did you manage to find the root cause of this? I'm getting the exact issue but when checking generic AV:




If i remove the authentic part, it fails on RTP. However, if i remove both authentic and RTP checks, the last update timestamp check passes.

I'm wondering if it's a bug in the firmware - currently running 13.0 build 67.43


Unable to update to the latest build as there is a bug in that when logging on through the plugin

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