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Installing Adobe DC Pro or Creative Cloud into XenApp 7.x??

Tom Lyczko


We have CVAD 1906 (I think) installed on five Citrix servers, we will update to CVAD 2003 later this year.

How hard is it to install Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe DC Pro onto Citrix servers??
What is involved wrt properly licensing the apps??

I think the primary desired app is Acrobat DC Pro, but I don't know how many users or how best to obtain and install the software.

TechSoup only sells the individual license, must I go to Adobe and obtain the Teams version and have people log into Adobe with an Adobe ID to use the software?????

Any good blogs or websites about this?? I have some Adobe documentation but it's kind of opaque. :(

Thank you, Tom

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Hi Tom,


Have you seen this guide from Adobe? https://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/VirtualizationGuide/citrix.html. It's a good starting point.

Adobe products technically will work on Citrix, but the main problem you will see is with licensing/activation, depending on what kind of setup you run.

Ideally you'd be running static desktops (XenDesktop), which I'm assuming from your initial post, you are not. This is because of machine activation limits and licensing data that needs to be roamed across sessions. 


Also note that you will need Windows Server 2019, because Windows Server 2016 is not supported for the latest Adobe CC.





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Hi Chaps,


Adobe used to work fine for us with 7.15 LTSR- shared desktop,  with named licenses, prepared with the customization tool + all the registries for the roaming part and Adobe Appdata folders. However, it stopped working and started throwing errors for login limits. If user authenticates again is fine, but obviously this is not acceptable with non-peristent environement.
Anyone has the same issue?




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