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Windows 7 - ESU MAK-Key and MCS

Thomas Luther


Hi everybody,


we are using Windows 7 and deploy most of the machines via MCS.

We bought a subscription for Windows 7 ESU and received a MAK to deploy. It works perfectly fine with persistent VDI machines - but as far as I know MAK is not supported with MCS.

Any hints on how this problem can be solved?

Or does it behave a little bit different with the ESU-MAK than with a regular "activation-MAK"?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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2 hours ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



As far as I know MCS does not support MAK based activation, it's KMS only.


PVS (Provisioning) supports MAK based activation of the operating system, not Office, so that might be a way to go? Otherwise you have to get a KMS key to activate Windows.



thank you for your answer. The OS itself is activated via KMS - no problems there.

But the ESU subscription comes as a MAK - i think there's no KMS-Key available for ESU-subscription.


Moving from MCS to PVS for over 4000 clients is not really an option ;)

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As per this blog, there is indeed no way to activate the ESU keys through KMS:


But there are ways to automate it, for instance; you could have a script run on first boot (through GPO) that activates your ESU MAK key using the slmgr command.





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