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Citrix Virual Apps and Desktop 1912 version - Personal Vdisk

John Francis1709160537


I used the 7.15 LTSR version before an created a personal vdisk. At that time when you finish step 7 it would immediately start the Inventory. But, here in version 1912 after  you install the Citrix app layering feature it asks you to restart. Once, you restart and log back in nothing happens. When they say manually run inventory, how can you do that?


Provisioning Services, then capture image, then XenDesktop

1. Install and configure the OS on a VM.

2. Install the Provisioning Services target device software on the VM.

3. Run the Provisioning Services Imaging Wizard to configure the vDisk.


4. The Provisioning Services Image Wizard’s second stage runs to capture the personal vDisk image.

5. From the Console, set the target device to boot from the vDisk.

6. Configure the VM to boot from the network, then reboot.

7. Install XenDesktop software on the VM, then configure with advanced options for personal vDisk.

8. Manually run inventory, then shut the VM down. (I had to install the personal vdisk msi tool from the x64\Virtual desktop support folder. Should this be installed automatically and will it run or how does that work?)

9. From the Console, place the vDisk in Standard Image Mode. Image is ready for deployment.

10. Provisioning Services, then capture image, then XenDesktop


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15 hours ago, James Kindon said:

there is no inventory service etc - these are two completely different technologies



So to see this feature available the PVS has to be moved to 1912 also? Without that, I would not be able to configure it even though I have installed the 1912 VDA? 


Well I saw the requirements



The user personalization layer feature requires the following components:

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1909 or later

Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA), version 1912

Citrix Provisioning, version 1909 or later

Windows File Share (SMB)

Windows 10 Enterprise x64, version 1607 or later

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