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Accepting encrypted connections TLS1.2

Manoj Rana

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One of my client using exchange 2010 and they have requirement of the organisation is protecting  data in transit (including email) using well-configured TLS v1.2 or better.


The emails domain should accepting encrypted connections for emails.  I am not if i can use netscaler for this without touching the exchange part. 


This is need to enable on the exchange. Can netscaler can we use for this ?







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I'm assuming that you have a Netscaler (Citrix ADC) configured with a LoadBalancing Vserver of type SSL, bout to services / service group of type SSL.


As such there are 2 SSL connections that the Netscaler proxies between.


If the client requires a more secure public SSL connection, you can do this by editting the SSL parameters in the LBVserver / relevant SSL profile

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