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Netsacler Forward Proxy not reached the Citrix Cloud

Jens Frommeyer

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Hello Guys,


in my envirment i have an Netscaler as a Forward Proxy, the config is:





For the Clients all work fine, i can browse to the internet over the forward proxy.


So, i will install an Citrix Cloud Connector to connect the Site to Citrix cloud.

But i get no connection to the Citrix Cloud

(The same Error a get, if the Citrix Director will connect to Citriyx Analytics)


If i do an direct connecting for the Cloud Connecter (No forward proxy) this will connect to Citrix Cloud.


Everyone have an idea?


Where on the Netscaler Forward Proxy can i look for an Error Message or so one...?






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Hello togehter,


the solutaion is:


Services at Runtime

The runtime service operates in the context of a local service. It does not use the setting defined for the user (as described above. You need to import the setting from the browser.

To configure the proxy settings for this, open a Command Prompt window and use netsh as follows:


netsh winhttp import proxy source =ie


After executing the command, restart the Cloud Connector machine so that the services start up with these proxy settings.

For complete details, see Netsh Commands for Windows Hypertext Transfer Protocol (WINHTTP).




Have an nice day.



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