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Does citrix ADC CPX support dynamic routing and RHI ?

sebastien langlois

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When using Citrix ADC VPX or MPX, dynamic routing is configured using **vtysh** following the https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/networking/ip-routing/configuring-dynamic-routes.html guidelines.


When using Citrix ADC CPX, the vtysh command does not seems to work.


root@6ffcd04deb33:/# vtysh
No entry for terminal type "xterm";
using dumb terminal settings.
No entry for terminal type "xterm";
using dumb terminal settings.

root@6ffcd04deb33:/# vtysh -e 'show running-config'
No entry for terminal type "xterm";
using dumb terminal settings.
No entry for terminal type "xterm";
using dumb terminal settings.


Does citrix ADC CPX include ZebraOs and support dynamic routing for RHI in a same way than Citrix ADC VPX / MPX or do we have to add an external routing container like frrouting to handle it ?

How can we use the vtysh command in Citrix ADC CPX ?

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CPX is a very greatly feature reduced Citrix ADC, and misses out MANY features


According to https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc-cpx/12-1/about.html:


Citrix ADC CPX supports the following features:

Application availability

L4 load balancing and L7 content switching

SSL Offloading

IPv6 protocol translation

Application security

L7 rewrite and responder

Simple manageability

Web logging



Not seeing any hint about fancy routing there! And to be honest, given the copncept thet Docker is all about fairly simple apps, I would have thought that the routing would all be handled by the docker host. 

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The https://www.astesj.com/publications/ASTESJ_040624.pdf research article describes third party routing stack integration with Citrix ADC CPX. The paper described integration with QUAGGA, https://github.com/virtualdesktopdevops/citrix-adc-frrouting-sync projet is emerging on Github to sync Citrix ADC CPX RHI enabled vip with FRR open-source routing stack.


@Akshay Budhauliya1709160745: Is it the right way to configure route health injection with Citrix ADC CPX or does CPX provides an embedded routing engine as MPX and VPX do ?

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For Nitro/REST API reference for dynamic routing, you can check out this link



As a simple example, for the following BGP configuration done via VTYSH, the Nitro configuration is shown:

VTYSH config: 

1. ns route-install bgp

2. router bgp 100

        redistribute kernel
       neighbour remote-as 101 

3. show ip bgp summary


Nitro config:

1. curl -u <username>:<password> http://<NSIP>/nitro/v1/config/ --data 'object={"params":{"action":"apply"},"routerDynamicRouting": {"commandstring" : "ns route-install bgp"}}'

2. curl -u <username>:<password> http://<NSIP>/nitro/v1/config/ -X POST --data 'object={"routerDynamicRouting": {"bgpRouter" : {"localAS":100, "neighbor": [{ "address": "", "remoteAS": 101}], "afParams":{"addressFamily": "ipv4", "redistribute": {"protocol": "kernel"}}}}}'

3. Verify the BGP session details

curl -u <username>:<password> http://<NSIP>/nitro/v1/config/routerDynamicRouting/bgpRouter

{ "errorcode": 0, "message": "Done", "severity": "NONE", "routerDynamicRouting":{"bgpRouter":[{ "localAS": 100, "routerId": "", "afParams": [ { "addressFamily": "ipv4" }, { "addressFamily": "ipv6" } ], "neighbor": [ { "address": "", "remoteAS": 101, "ASOriginationInterval": 15, "advertisementInterval": 30, "holdTimer": 90, "keepaliveTimer": 30, "state": "Established", "singlehopBfd": false, "multihopBfd": false, "afParams": [ { "addressFamily": "ipv4", "activate": true }, { "addressFamily": "ipv6", "activate": false } ]

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