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layer didn't capture something

Martin Poirier


I know the title is a little vague, but the issue is it seems that App Layering 4 (v19.10.0.29/ Win 10 v1903) isn't capturing something in a layer.  

I am creating a layer for scanners from Kodak and Alaris (same company now, so essentially the same software).  My steps when creating the layer are:

- I create the layer with a view agent platform layer (that way I connect to the VM through a zero client for USB driver captures)

- install the Alaris/Kodak software and drivers

- connect the scanner (detected properly and shows in device manager with correct driver)

- go through their built-in scanner tester and can successfully scan

- reboot and finalize the layer

- deploy to an image and publish (am NOT using elastic layering)

- published VM can see the scanner, device manager shows correct driver, but scanner software can't detect the scanner.  If I install the scanner software as admin on a VM, then no issues, it works fine.  

My assumption is something isn't getting captured and i'm not sure what.

This is the identical process I used in our Unidesk 2.9/Windows 7 world and there are no issues the this software in that environment.

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Scanner drivers are complicated in images.  Sometimes the drivers map to a specific scanner model and version even on a particular port.  It sounds like you are using a PC as the endpoint have you tried using generic passthrough for the scanners. 


In Unidesk did you install the drivers directly on a persistent desktop or did you add them to a layer and deploy it as part of a pooled desktop?

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We aren't using a PC as an endpoint, we are using HP Zero Clients.


In Unidesk 2 (windows 7) I had created the layer and with my View Agent Layer (vsphere environment) joined the Installation Machine to a pool, connected to it with a zero client with the scanner physically plugged into it to have windows install the drivers and test the software (which works in both Unidesk and App Layering).  After finalizing that, I then deployed to any desktops who need that driver without issue.


I did test installing the Alaris software into a Win10 VM and there are no issues.  So it doesn't seem to be a VM or zero client issue.


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I figured it out.  It wasn't an App Layering issue.  The scanner drivers in Windows 10 for some reason don't work with APPDATA being re-directed, hence it was fine in the installation machine (which did have the view agent as a packaging platform layer so I could access usb from the endpoint) and failed when tested on a deployed VM.  It was fine in Windows 7, but (surpising no one) something must of changed in Windows 10.

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