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Storefront not passing domain credentials through...

Olly Thompson1709156630

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I have a Storefront deployment with 2 Stores - Store and Test. Both are set up exactly the same (aside from configured with different gateways, but they're not in use for this test) and the logon (either through the website or directly in Workspace App) is fine. However, when I launch a resource - in this case a test Notepad application, the Store store doesn't auto-logon and i'm asked for credentials, whereas the Test store launches the application with no issues.


There are no obvious errors in the local or the application server event logs. 


Has anyone seen anything similar to this or have any ideas to stop me pulling more hair out?

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2 hours ago, Olly Thompson1709156630 said:

There are no obvious errors in the local or the application server event logs. 


Could you check if the configuration "Pass-Through Authentication" is the same in the both StoreFronts?



If that doesn’t help, another place to check is your Active Directory or local policies and make sure that “Always prompt for password upon connection” is not enabled.



Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 14.08.45.png

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Ok Can you make sure your FAS setting applied to both citrix environment.


I have seen this issue in my citrix environment and it was turn out FAS GPO not applied.









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