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Strange Internet Explorer problem on Server 2016/ 1912LTSR

Krassimir Houbanov




We have a very strange issue on our new environment. Its 1912 LTSR on Servers 2016. Users use Citrix via Published Desktops. 

Issue is related to the Internet Explorer window getting "frozen" in very strange state :

-  the IE window cannot be moved, resized, closed,  right mouse button does not work on the window. 

 - the IE process can only be killed by task manager 

 - Home, Fav and Tools buttons grey-out , cannot open new sites, can open new tabs which are also "frozen"

 -  if there is home page set the web site itself works and can be browsed properly

 -  Alt+ combination to open menus work and menus can be opened

 -  iexplore.exe -extoff does not fix the behavior

 -  issue happens randomly and cannot be reproduced - happens on different servers for different users

 - persists on logoff-login

 - fixed only by profile re-recreation , deleting temp data or reg keys related to IE does not fix the issue

 - all other apps and browsers work properly - only IE effected.


Any help  how to troubleshoot this problem is appreciated. 



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