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Netscaler(/ADC) 13 SAML to Safenet STA Storefront Error: FailedPasswordComplexity

Reinier van Dijk

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Im trying to accomplish login on our Nerscaler(ADC) using SAML to our External identity provider (Safenet) 

So far I got the SAML login working, it was a quite straightforward setup.

I also see in the ns.log that the SAML Login succeed, however we get the lovely "Cannot complete your Request" error


"SAML: ParseAssertion: Response status success found !"  
"SAML: successfully verified digest and signature on saml:Response" 
 "aaatm_handler successfully parsed assertion client ip is c200050a, username is <Username>" 
"SAMLSP: LOGIN SUCCESS; Core <0>, Copying logout url <> to session for saml logout, user <Username>" 


I checked the eventlogs on the Storefront server and it reported the following error:




CitrixAGBasic single sign-on failed because the credentials failed verification with reason: FailedPasswordComplexity.

The credentials supplied were;
user: <Username>
domain: <OurDomain>



I have done some googling and Set the Credential Index To SECONDARY, but sadly this did not solve the problem either.

Beside that one I have no found any other potential fixes for this problem.

Anyone with some bright idea's?

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SAML Response should include the user's UPN (email address), not just samaccountname. NetScaler should be forwarding the UPN to StoreFront. NetScaler should not be including the domain (Session Profile > Published apps tab > SSO Domain). StoreFront should be configured to fully delegate credentials to NetScaler.

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