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GSLB active/active config with a backup site

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I have configured an active/active GSLB configuration with several sites across the world with an ADC HA pair in each site. Site A is the main datacenter where most of the users are located. The GSLB method is Static Proximity. With this config the users get connected to their next datacenter (based on the IP address). That works fine.

Because of the importance of the service we need to add a second ADC HA pair in site A to prevent service outage in case of a problem with the main HA pair. How can this be achieved?


My first suggestion was to add an additional GSLB service for the "backup HA pair" in site A and give it a lower weight when binding it to the GSLB VServer, but then the user connections are spread across the two GSLB services based on the weight. E.g. if the primary GSLB service has a weight of 100 and the backup GSLB service a weight of 1, 1% of the connections go to the backup service. But I want the backup ADC HA pair only to get connections in case of a failure on the primary ADC HA pair. I also thought about an active/passive GSLB config, but then I need to cascade an active/active (for the world wide Static proximity method) and an active/passive GSLB config (for the site A failover config), which isn't possible.


Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks


regards, Patrick

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