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Custom SNMP Trap

Nguyen Cuong

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I configured SNMP Trap on NetScaler NS12.0: Build 62.8.nc to monitor about Virtual servers and Services.  All trap are running and SNMP Trap receiver can get it but if I see the content of message in Trap receiver I don't know what is the devices status of partition. 

Trap receiver message content: 


20200212.140408 NS-ROOT-MIB::entitydown 0 (null) NS-ROOT-MIB::entityName.0 server_vip_NSSVC_HTTP_0.0.0.0:0(iij-vn.com.act) NS-ROOT-MIB::vsvrFullName."iij-vn.com.act" iij-vn.com.act NS-ROOT-MIB::sysIpAddress.0


But in NetScaler log file, I can see all the detail: 


Feb 12 14:04:08 <local0.info> 02/12/2020:07:04:08 GMT hcm07stggslb001 0-PPE-0 : Partition01 SNMP TRAP_SENT 250440 0 :  entitydown (entityName = "server_vip_NSSVC_HTTP_0.0.0.0:0(iij-vn.com.act)", vsvrFullName.iij-vn.com.act = "iij-vn.com.act", nsPartitionName = Partition01)

How can I configure or custom on NetScaler send the detail message content?


Thanks for your support !









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