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How do I convert LDAP to LDAPS for an application that is not LDAPS Capable

Matthew Kellow

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I have a legacy application that does not support LDAPS. 


I need to keep this application running after the impending Microsoft LDAPS patch that forces LDAPS on all domain controllers.


I would like to be able to use our netscaler to convert the LDAP request's to LDAPS and vice versa.


I have tryed setting up a LBVS using TCP 389 with a service bind of the domain controller on tcp 636 but this seems not to work. 


I can see the connection on 389 in the LBVS stats but i never receive a reply. 


NS Ver 12.0


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Matthew,


Are your DC's already configured to allowed LDAPS?

Did you add the server's certificate to the service side?


Here's a thread that is trying to do the reverse (LDAPS on the vserver side, regular LDAP on the service side):


You could use that as a base, but switch up the vserver and service parts.





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