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We changed our external IP and now we can't add accounts to receiver externally

Clay Cutts


We have XenDesktop 7.15 cu4 with netscaler and SecureAuth for two factor.  We recently had to change our external IP addresses and now we can't add new accounts to receiver or workspace using our external beacon.  Our internal beacon works fine.  After putting in your email address, you get prompted to put in your id and password.  At that point it seems to be trying to access the SecureAuth server but can't.  I don't admin the netscaler but I've been told it's been configured correctly.  I can't find where we have anything that's set by IP address in storefront except the delivery controllers but those haven't changed.  My question is, where would a configuration in XenDesktop/Storefront, not on the netscaler, need to be changed when the external IP addresses change?  Thanks.

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The external address does resolve.   I think there's something wrong in the netscaler, I just need to get with our netscaler admin when he's in next week.  The DNS information all looks correct.  Thanks for replying all.  I'll post back if the netscaler review doesn't find anything.

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