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XenDesktop VDI with Nvidia cards

Andy White1709154166




We have built 2 new XenServer 8.0 hypervisors which have the Nvidia Tesla cards installed with the latest drivers.  We have built a new Windows 10 image and the new cards are showing as licensed and in device manager.  We have also created a Citrix policy for HDX.


We are not too impressed by the performance via workspace in YouTube, and a couple of 3D Demos (3D heaven).  


This is what we see in the HDX analyser:




Also In the HDX Monitor we don't see any mention of HDX Pro.  The VDA agent seems to suggest it will auto detect the card and install HDX Pro?


How Can we test/Check?



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Can you take a screenshot of the settings configured in these two registry keys (on the VDA)?

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\1\User\GraphicsPolicies

And also send a screenshot of the Citrix Policy you defined for the graphics.


12 hours ago, Andy White1709154166 said:

Also In the HDX Monitor we don't see any mention of HDX Pro.  The VDA agent seems to suggest it will auto detect the card and install HDX Pro?


RDAnalyzer does not mention if you are running in HDX 3D Pro mode, at least not the community edition, not sure about the paying version.

This article explains how you can check if HDX 3D Pro is enabled:







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Also have a look at this tool from Magnar Johnsen:



Unzip it, run it, and it will display the Citrix HDX streaming's frame rate (FPS), along with other useful info.
The streaming frame rate is different from the frame rate of the actual 3D content running on the desktop, such as Heaven Benchmark. But it will/should never be higher than the actual output of the program you are displaying, whether that's a YouTube video or a 3D software.
So it is important to distinguish between the two, and know the frame rate of the two. A benchmark will usually display the frame rate.









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On 2/12/2020 at 12:19 PM, Nathan Baxter said:

Hi Koenraad


I am working with g0nz0uk and he has asked me to supply the requested screenshots, please see attached.  I will download the recommended tool from your dropbox and see what that shows up too.







Can you make a screenshot of what's directly under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Graphics? The other things below are not so important.


I would change the settings to these in your policy on Citrix Studio:


Under ICA\Graphics:

Allow Visually Lossless Compression: Disabled

Optimize for 3D graphics workload: Enabled

Use hardware encoding for video codec: Enabled

Use video codec for compression: For the entire screen

Under ICA\Visual Display:

Target frame rate: 90

Target minimum frame rate: 20

Visual Quality: High


In the registry on the VDA, it should look like this:




The stuff that you can set in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Graphics, cannot be set through policies. So you can create a GPO that sets these. Here's the recommended values.




HighVisualQualityQP and LowVisualQualityQP control the quality of the image.

HighVisualQualityQP controls what the "best" quality is, and LowVisualQualityQP controls what the "worst" quality is that may be lowered to.

The range is 18-45, 18 being best quality, 45 being worst quality. If you set both to 18 - like in the screenshot - the encoder will not be allowed to apply a lot of compression to the image.


Hope this improves the performance.





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1 hour ago, Koenraad Willems said:


Can you make a screenshot of what's directly under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Graphics? The other things below are not so important.




Hi Koenraad


Hopefully this is the correct screenshot.  Thanks for the policy suggestions.  I will make the changes and see how that changes the performance.


Many Thanks



Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 15.53.35.png

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Hi there


We successfully implemented graphics acceleration for XenDesktop last year. 


It was a long way to figure out the matching policy set. 


You can try one of the following policy sets (sorry it's in german, bet you can translate it with google somehow):


This Policy set uses h.264 codec yuv444 while reducing the quality to yuv420 when moving picture occurs. This policy was created as a workaround due to a bug within citrix workspace app. Graphical artifacts occured during moving picture when using h.264 yuv444. 




The second policy set uses always lossless, which means that h.264 yuv444 is activated also with moving pictures. This policy set cannot be used with nvidia Tesla T4 cards, because you will get the graphical artifacts problem with every single workspace app released yet. We've got a test version of workspace app which includes a fix for this problem. The fix will be released with the next workspace app.





Best regards, Cedy

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