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Cloud Connectors in Azure: No Firewall Rules required, yes?

Trevor Svienson1709161252


I have successfully completed a Citrix Cloud on Prem POC which was quite easy and now dipping my toe in an Azure POC. Just to note the Azure POC is completely separate build from the on Prem and is "Born in the Cloud" scenario. 


My setup:


-Citrix Cloud Virtual App and Desktop Service
-Azure sub
-created single Resource Group, vNet, etc
-Azure AD Service
-Cloud Connector and XenApp joined to AADS domain all in the same subnet
-Created Azure resource connection in Studio, XenApp server registered, power managed
-published desktop to group/users using Azure AD group which then replicates to the AADD, I am also as a separate test by creating a group directly in the AADS domain

The issue I am facing is that all bits seems to be doing their part, XenApp contacts Cloud Connector, Cloud connector is Green in the resource groups, XenApp server is registered in studio. I log into to Workspace and launch the desktop to which the end result is the connection never completes.  I get a Unknown client error




No messages in logs (that I can find) on the CC or XA server. I assume outbound 443 is alive From the Cloud Connector as I am able to navigate to Citrix cloud, login and download/install the CC client from the proper resource.  Is there something special with Azure Subnets I should aware of? I don't believe the connection is going to the VDA directly as I use the ctxsession.exe –v. command and nothing displays. 


I have read dozens of KB's pertaining to Azure Quick deploy, XenApp Essentials which revolve around creating Azure connections and master images for MCS. For the moment I am only interested in creating an single XenApp server. I realize best practice should be creating different resource groups for AADS and my Citrix  infrastructure but this is a simple POC I have everything in one resource group with ADDS. Any suggestion would help before I destroy and try again. 



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