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HyperV 8.1 fails to run fresh install of Centos8.1 with graphics.

Mike Hampton


I have two HyperV 8.1 hosts Express Edition.  New install of Centos 8.1 with kernel 4.18.0-147 does not display GUI.  Older kernel 4.18.0-80 works fine.  RHEL and Cento seem to refer to there being a problem with latest kernel but no one has cure for Citrix HV.  If I configure OS to boot to command line, I can then log in and run startx and all is well.


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There's definitely a problem with the latest kernel.  One of my cases was in updating my centos 8 install which bumped it to the latest 8.1 kernel.  The issue is booting automatically to the GUI for gnome.  I get only a black screen.  Kernel 4.18.0-147.5.1.e18_1 seems to be the latest.  

Not having much luck remove the newest kernels and getting grub to change.  Not much experience with bad kernel installs.

Im really interested to know if this is just a HyperV issue or the same thing will happen if I install 8.1 on bare metal.


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