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CVAD 1912 and continuous application releases

Jacek Stefankowski1709152262


I'm evaluating CVAD 1912 to replace aging XenApp 6.5 farms.
One of my published apps gets releases in a form of new subdirecotry added to C:\<app directory>, sometimes several times a day.  In short, new application version equals new subdirectory, that's it, no .msi, no wizards, no dlls, no reboots required, etc.  This is because several versions of the same app must be available.  Adding new version subdirectory to master image, updating MCS machine catalog and rebooting VDA servers after each release would be management nightmare.  


Anyone implemented App Layering ?  Would elastic layers be a good option to consider in my scenario ?  What I'm looking for is to make new versions (subdirectories) available immediately after the release with no reboots and still take advantage of MCS benefits.  


Thank you.

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