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Cannot copy or move vm and nothing explains why !!!

Antoine Huette1709159788




I'm desperately trying to copy/move virtual machines from one host to another but for some very obscure reason the copy/move wizard won't let me click next once the destination server is selected !

Why is there no warning or explanation about why I cannot do this simple task ? This is so beyond ridiculous ! How am I supposed to use a product that doesn't even have a single form of usable documentation ?

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So, this is what I get when I first launch the Xencenter console :


Here I can copy/move any VM to the desired pool !


But if I try again even only 5 seconds later, the Next button is greyed out. Until I quit Xencenter, launch it again and connect to the servers. Then I can start the operation once, but the second and following tries are impossible.


With the CLI and the good parameters (including VIF) the move operation successfully starts and ends, even though it's the exact same operation than in Xencenter...


I updated the xencenter console from 8.0 (which is the version of the hypervisors) to 8.1 and it seems the problem is gone ! Every single attempt of copy/move is now possible...

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That is bizarre. As long as XenCenter is as new or newer than any of the XS.CH installs, it should work. It should work from the CLI, regardless, as long as your XS/CH versions are the same or you are going from an older to a newer version. XenTools might also play a roll, if not properly installed on the Vm. Also, there must be adequate spare space on the target host and if live-migrating, also on the original host.



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