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DNS for Virtual Server

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Hi All,

When connected to VPN via Netscaler I've noticed that there are no DNS servers that are being sent with the internal IP address that has been given out. 


I'm wondering if I need to create some kind of DNS LB service/group and bind it to the virtual servers? Or another way that you guys think this might work.


I have a couple of remote power users who when connected to VPN cannot access their server via host name, only IP works.

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4 minutes ago, Valeri Bonchev said:



Yes you can. The bid point of the DNS server will be under the session profile network tab. With that said it should work with the one already configured on the ADC. 

Check you split tunnel and DNS settings in the session profile. 



Currently under DNS server in Session Profile no DNS servers are listed/specified. We have our LDAP/DNS servers already setup as VIP for AD authentication. I'm assuming I can just use that same VIP/Service name Split tunnel is set to OFF under Client Experience tab.

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3 minutes ago, Valeri Bonchev said:

If it set as DNS vserver you can. Check what the DNS settings in the session profile are. Remote - ADC , Local - clinet DNS, Both - both whoever responds faster. 

The vServer is set as TCP/LDAP not DNS protocol over port 53. I'm guessing I'd have to create a new vServer pointing to those 2 Servers but with the actual DNS settings, correct?


DNS Settings in Session Profile are currently set to REMOTE.

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Is there a need to have the Citrix Virtual adapter enabled on W10s machines? When I connect to VPN via Netscaler I see that IP and DNS settings are set in CTX adapter even though I've created a DNS LB vserver/ DNS service and had it bound to our test gateway virtual server/session profiles.


The DNS settings technically now should be from DNS vserver but it seems as if though the CTX adapter wont accept the changes.


Any thoughts?

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