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Profile management doesnt work new .avhdx version PVS

Hans Jonsson



We are currently running PVS and WEM profile mangement.


Now to the problem with the Profile Management.
Everything works fine in my version named "25" , the user profile loads at startup and everything roams etc just as configured no problems at all.

Today i created a new version, named "26", installed one small sized program and shut down the computer that i use for installations for new versions, promoted the version to test.

But now, the profile management is broken, i cant get it working, and the version 26 is a exacty copy of the version "25" with just 1 more program in it.. 


Any ideas? GPO:s are the same everywhere so that should not be an issue.. ive deleted and created a new version X amount of times just in case it was something just for the moment that failed in the maintenance - test-phase.


Running out of ideas here!

Thank you. 

/ TR

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Just letting you know this has been solved. During the phase where you create a new versions, some of the Citrix services had been set to manual and did not run, this has never happened before so im a bit curious why this occured. Those services has always been set to automatic and never failed, but during the creation of this new version they got turned to manual and didnt start as expected.


So i just turned everything on again and it started working. 

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